Dentists serving in Mansfield, ontario & Lexington,OH

Get the healthy smile you've always wanted at Staker Dental conveniently located in Mansfield, Ohio. We are committed to providing excellence in comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Our incredible staff makes a trip to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. When you walk in our doors, you become part of our family. When you walk back out, you'll have a bigger, brighter smile. Show your mouth some love when you come in for routine or emergency dental care. We give you the attention and care you deserve. You should be proud of your smile. Our knowledgeable staff, using the latest dental innovations, ensures you get the best possible dental experience and results you can't help but show off.
General Dentistry
Don't shirk the routine. Preventative dentistry is the best way to avoid the pain and expense of future problems like tooth decay or gum disease. Schedule a cleaning and exam with an annual x-ray to make sure you don't have any small problems that could turn into big problems down the road.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Improve your aesthetic appeal with whitening procedures and cosmetic implants. Our cosmetic dentistry corrects stains, chips and alignment issues to give you a dazzling smile.
Restorative Dentistry
Unfortunately, cavities happen. When you need a filling, a root canal or tooth replacement, we offer experienced restorative dentistry services.
Emergency Dental Care
We're available any time of the day or night when dental emergencies occur. Don't live with the pain any longer than you have to. Give us a call right away and we'll get you taken care of.